League Park - Cleveland, OH

League Park - Cleveland, OH

Some pretty cool things happened at League Park. This marker isn't one of them. "Bill Wamby" is actually Bill Wambsganss. Oh, and Cy Young is actually Denton True Young. And, "grand slam home run" is redundant. Additionally, the marker misses a lot of stuff.

Here's the text of the marker:


League Park opened on May 1, 1891 with the legendary Cy Young pitching for the Cleveland Spiders in their win over the Cincinnati Redlegs. The park remained the home of Cleveland's professional baseball and football teams until 1946. In 1920 the Cleveland Indians' Elmer Smith hit the first grand slam home run, and Bill Wamby executed the only unassisted triple play in World Series history. Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run over the park's short right field wall in 1929. With the park as home field, the Cleveland Buckeyes won the Negro World Series in 1945.

Cleveland Landmark Commission
Rotary Club of Cleveland
The Ohio Historical Society

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