Vaughn Street Ball Park - Portland, OR

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September 1, 2007

Vaughn Street Ball Park was also known as Lucky Beavers Stadium.

The text reads:

Here, before you, stood the Vaughn Street Ball Park. Home plate and the main gates were at the northwest corner of 24th and Vaughn. Left field was near the northeast corner of 25th and Vaughn. The Ball Park's wooden frame became a terrible fire hazard, leading to its demolition in 1956. Throughout its life, the Park hosted over a half century of memories and thousands of games for the baseball fans of Portland. The Vaughn Street Ball Park was built in 1901 by F.I. Fuller and C.F. Swigert, both owners of local streetcar companies.

The first game, played in May of 1901, was a win for the Portland Webfooters over Spokane. The last game, played on September 11, 1955, was also a victory for the Portland Beavers over the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League. The site of the Ball Park was deemed more valuable for industrial purposes and the Beavers moved to Multnomah Stadium, now called Civic Stadium.

Note: Civic Stadium is now called PGE Park.


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