Sunday, April 17, 2005

Root, Root, Root

I watched a woman in the stands sing part of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at the Rockies game today. I'm still not sure if she was trying to be clever, or if she just didn't know the words, but her version went like this:

And it's root, root, root
For the Rockies
If they don't win, it's the same

I was really pleased when the Red Sox finally got rid of Byung-Hyun Kim during Spring Training this year, but I was almost as disappointed that he was coming to Colorado. Today, the Rockies reinforced their position of worst MLB record, and once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when ol' BK came on in relief. He walked the first batter he faced on four pitches, then served up a grand slam to the next batter, which propelled the Giants from a 5-3 deficit to a 7-3 lead, on the way to an eventual 8-6 win.

I often said last year that the Rockies had a lot of talent, they just needed to learn to play a full nine innings. When most were saying this year that they'd be the worst team in baseball, I scoffed, thinking that they might be a bit better than last year's edition. I'm beginning to rethink that position.

Between inept play, a flammable bullpen, and questionable managerial moves, they may indeed be hard pressed to win 50 games.

Will that keep me from the ballpark? Of course not! I'm a baseball fan. While following a winning team has some allure, there actually is more to sports, especially baseball, than winning.

©2005 Douglas T. Dinsmoor


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