Saturday, April 23, 2005

Grounded Out

I had the Braves / Nats game on in the background the other day. I wasn't paying all that much attention, so I don't know which TBS announcers were working it. I generally like all of them, but one of the guys was saying something that was driving me nuts. The same infraction is also the only complaint I've ever had with Sean McDonough on the Red Sox broadcasts.

It was raining hard in DC, and the field maintenance personnel were doing everything in their power to keep the field playable. The TBS guy kept referring to these tireless workers as the ground crew. They are actually the grounds crew. They work on the grounds. They are groundskeepers.

The ground crew works at the airport. They remain earthbound while the others fly away.

Man, it isn't easy being me!

©2005 Douglas T. Dinsmoor


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