Big Tickets

I've been fortunate to attend several big games -- both games that were big in and of themselves, and games where something big happened on the field. Here are some of my souvenirs.
1983 World Series Game 4 ticket
1986 World Series Game 4 ticket
1986 World Series Game 5 ticket
1986 World Series Game 7 ticket
1994 All Star Game ticket
1996 All Star Game ticket
2006 World Series Games 1 & 2 Tickets
2007 World Series Game 3 Ticket
2007 World Series Game 4 Ticket
1986 ALCS Game 1 Ticket
1986 ALCS Game 2 Ticket
1986 ALCS Game 6 Ticket
1986 ALCS Game 7 Ticket
1988 ALCS Game 1 ticket
1988 ALCS Game 2 ticket
1990 ALCS Game 1 ticket
1990 ALCS Game 2 ticket
1998 ALDS Game 3 ticket
1998 ALDS Game 4 ticket
1999 ALCS Game 3 ticket
1999 ALCS Game 4 ticket
1999 ALCS Game 5 ticket
2007 NLDS Games 1 & 2 Tickets
John Valentin autographed ticket from his unassited triple play game
John Valentin's unassisted triple play
Autographed by J.V.
Jose Jimenez no hitter ticket
Jose Jimenez' No Hitter
Below are tickets (or photos of tickets) that I bought to post-season games at Fenway Park and Coors Field that were never played. I took photos because, for those years, tickets had to be turned in to receive a refund (as they did in 2007 with the Rockies). I last saw the 1995 tickets in my briefcase at work. Despite tearing the house apart, I never found them. I've come to the conclusion that they were stolen, and I was out $220. Ouch!

1988 ALCS & World Series tickets


1990 ALCS & World Series tickets


1995 ALDS & ALCS tickets



2003 World Series Game 2 ticket

I was all set to fly back to Boston on Friday morning, and I was set to stay for the duration of the Series. Then, at 11:45pm on Thursday night, Aaron "Bleepin'" Boone put an end to those plans.
2007 NLCS Game 5 Ticket
2007 World Series Game 5 Ticket

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